Universal TV Boards Secret Panel Resolution Codes

Hi, Guys Repair-geeks.com welcomes you. For Electronic Technicians and Repairers, this is the ideal platform. We can help you with all of your electronic repair issues. So, today, we’ll give you a list of Secret Panel Resolution Matching Codes for Universal TV Boards. These hidden LCD/LED TV Board codes will aid in matching the panel resolution to the Universal Board.

When we buy a new Universal Board for an LCD/LED TV, we usually install/update the Software Firmware to link it to the display panel. Now we’ll show you the best collection of LCD/LED TV Board secret codes that will allow you to connect the new universal board to the display panel without having to install the necessary firmware.

Universal TV Boards Secret Panel Resolution Codes
Universal TV Boards Secret Panel Resolution Codes

Universal Supported Resolution Code LED TV LCD Boards

These codes are guaranteed to work with the following Universal LCD/LED TV Boards:

VS.TP53U51.2 Resolution Codes
VS.TP53U52.2 Resolution Codes
VS.TP53U61.2 Resolution Codes
VS.TP53U73.2 Resolution Codes
VS.T53U21.2 Resolution Codes
VS.TP53U71.2 Resolution Codes
VS.T56U11.2 Resolution Codes

There are numerous codes listed in the table below; first, confirm the screen panel’s resolution. Then, in accordance with it, use the secret resolution code. You’ll need the datasheet for your screen panel’s model number to figure out the resolution.

Guys, the datasheet for the panel can be easily downloaded from Google. Your resolution can be 1366×768 pixels, 1920×1080 pixels, or any other number. Simply look up the secret code for your resolution in the table and enter it into your LCD/LED TV.

Universal TV/LED Boards Resolution Codes

1280×1024Source – Input 31183
1366×768Source – Input 31181
1440×900Source – Input 31184
1600×900Source – Input 31185
1680×1050Source – Input 31186
1024×768Source – Input 31182
1920×1080Source – Input 31187

These codes may not be compatible with your LCD / LED TV universal board. If it doesn’t work, you may alternatively get software firmware for your universal board and connect it to your LCD or LED screen. So, that was the topic of today’s post, people. I hope you enjoy our efforts. Please share this post with your friends on social media groups like Facebook and WhatsApp, as well as Telegram groups, if you find it useful. This will be beneficial to this site. Please leave a remark in the box below if you have any questions about this content. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Old TV Universal Boards Panel Resolution Codes

1680×1050Input 20086
1280×1024Input 20083
1366×768Input 20081
1024×768Input 20082
1600×900Input 20085
1440×900Input 20084
1920×1080Input 20080
1920×1080Source 5  20080
1280×1024Source 5  20083
1366×768Source 5  20081
1440×900Source 5  20084
1024×768Source 5  20082
1600×900Source 5  20085
1680×1050Source 5  20086

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