All Smart LED TV Board EMMC Pinouts (New 2023) Collection Download

Hi, You are on and we welcome you on this amazing helpful platform for all the Electronics Technicians. So today we are here with a Latest and very useful post for LCD/LED TV Technicians. In this post, you will be able to download all the LCD LED TV Board eMMC Pinouts. All of this stuff is going to be free for everyone.

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All Smart LED TV Board EMMC Pinouts (New 2023) Collection Download
All Smart LED TV Board EMMC Pinouts (New 2023) Collection Download

So below all the eMMC Pinouts for All LCD LED TV Brand Models are available with the download buttons. You just need to confirm the model number of your TV’s Main Board then search it in the table and if you found the exact model number then click on the download button. And your LCD/LED TV eMMC Pinouts Image/PDF will be downloaded in a few seconds.

Basically, eMMC Pinouts are used for Installing/Loading the Firmware file in the eMMC IC on the main board of an LCD LED TV. And this process will require a Programmer, so to connect the programmer with the TV board you will need to know the points where the vires will be connected, and they are called eMMC pinouts/points.

There are some Led Tv board eMMC Pinout Collection for free:

eMMC NameDownload Link
Asus Fonepad 7 K00E ME372CG eMMC PinoutDownload
Asus Fonepad 7 K00E ME372CG eMMC PinoutDownload
Asus ME176C eMMC PinoutDownload
Asus ME176C eMMC PinoutDownload
Asus ME571K eMMC PinoutDownload
Asus ME571K eMMC PinoutDownload
Asus Nexus 7 eMMC PinoutDownload
Asus Z300CG eMMC PinoutDownload
Asus Zenfone 2 Z00 eMMC PinoutDownload
Asus Zenfone 2 Z00RD eMMC PinoutDownload
Asus Zenfone 4 Selfie ZB553KL eMMC PinoutDownload
Asus Zenfone 4 T00I eMMC PinoutDownload
Asus Zenfone 4S T00Q eMMC PinoutDownload
BBK 39LEX-5027T2C CV338H-T42 eMMC PinoutDownload
Asus Zenfone 5 A500CG eMMC PinoutDownload
BN-02542A eMMC PinoutDownload
BN41-01587 eMMC PinoutDownload
BN41-01587 eMMC PinoutDownload
BN41-01587E eMMc points RT809HDownload
BN41-01587E eMMc points RT809HDownload
BN41-01587E eMMc pointsDownload
BN41-01587E eMMc pointsDownload
BN41-01587E eMMC PinoutDownload
BN41-01587E eMMC PinoutDownload
BN41-01587eMMC PinoutsDownload
bn41-01604c eMMC PinoutsDownload
BN41-01604c emmcDownload
BN41-01604C eMMC PinoutDownload
bn41-01622 emmcDownload
BN41-01622B-eMMC POINTSDownload
BN41-01622B eMMC PinoutDownload
BN41-01622C EMMC ConnectionDownload
BN41-01622C EMMC PinoutDownload
BN41-01622C eMMC PinoutDownload
BN41-01622C eMMC PinoutDownload
BN41-01800A EMMC PinoutDownload
BN41-01800A eMMC PinoutDownload
BN41-01800A eMMC PinoutDownload
BN41-01958B, BN41-01958A ISPDownload
BN41-01958B eMMC PinoutDownload
BN41-01958B eMMC PinoutDownload
BN41-01959A eMMC PinoutDownload
BN41-01973A AUTO ISP POINTSDownload
BN41-2109A eMMC PinoutDownload
BN41-02156A eMMC PinoutDownload
BN41-02156A EMMC PINOUTDownload
BN41-02156A eMMC PinoutDownload
BN41-02156A eMMC PinoutDownload
BN41-02157B eMMC PinoutDownload
BN41-02186 eMMC PinoutDownload
BN41-02186 eMMC PinoutsDownload
BN41-02206B eMMC PinoutDownload
bn41-02245a eMMC PinoutDownload
BN41-02353C-eMMC POINTSDownload
BN41-02353C eMMC PinoutDownload
BN41-02360B eMMCDownload
BN41-02360B eMMC pointsDownload
BN41-02353C eMMC PinoutDownload
BN41-02360B emmcDownload
BN41-02360B eMMC PinoutDownload
BN41-02360B eMMC PinoutsDownload
BN41-02365 eMMC PinoutDownload
Bn41-02504a eMMC pinoutDownload
BN41-02504A eMMC PinoutDownload
BN41-02528 eMMC PinoutDownload
BN41-02534B eMMC PinoutDownload
BN41-02534B eMMC PinoutDownload
BN41-02568 eMMC pinoutDownload
BN41-02568 eMMC PinoutDownload
BN41-02568A eMMC PinoutDownload
BN41-02568A eMMC PinoutDownload
Bn41-02568b eMMC pinoutDownload
Bn41-02568b eMMC pinoutDownload
BN41-02571 eMMC PinoutDownload
Bn41-02663a eMMC pinoutDownload
BN41-02663A eMMC PinoutsDownload
BN41-02663A eMMCDownload
BN41-02663A eMMC PinoutDownload
BN94-10759W (BN41-02534B) HAWK_M_FHD_PRO2Download
BSD.FT21A eMMC PinoutsDownload
BSD.FT21A eMMC PinoutDownload
CHANGHONG 43Q1F JUC7.820.00121070 ISP eMMC PinoutDownload
CHANGHONG 50D2060GD-JUX7.820.00211754-SHASSIS-ZLH74GDownload
CHANGHONG_ZLM41A eMMC PinoutDownload
condor s43t5600 eMMC PinoutDownload
Coolpad 3600I eMMC PinoutDownload
Coolpad 8297L-100 eMMC PinoutDownload
Coolpad A110 eMMC PinoutDownload
Coolpad E501 eMMC PinoutDownload
Coolpad E503 eMMC PinoutDownload
Coolpad E560 eMMC PinoutDownload
CV338H-A42 emmc pinoutDownload
CV338H-A42 eMMC PinoutsDownload
CV338H-A50 eMMC PinoutDownload
CV338H-B32 eMMC PinoutsDownload
CV338H-T42 eMMC PinoutDownload
CV358H-B42 emmc pinoutDownload
CV358H-B42 eMMC PinoutsDownload
CV358H-B42 eMMC PinoutDownload
Cv358h-t42 emmc backupDownload
Cv358h-t42 emmc pinoutDownload
CV358H-T42 eMMC PinoutDownload
CV608-APW eMMC PinoutsDownload
CV628H-A eMMC PinoutDownload
CV628H-A50 eMMC PinoutsDownload
Cv628h-a50 emmcDownload
CV628H-B42 eMMC PinoutsDownload
CV628H-B42 eMMC PinoutDownload
CV628H-T42 emmc pinoutDownload
CV628H-T42 eMMC PinoutsDownload
CV628H-T42 eMMC PinoutDownload
CV638H-B eMMC PinoutsDownload
CV638H-B50 eMMC PinoutsDownload
CV638H-D50 emmc pinoutDownload
CV638H-D50 eMMC PinoutsDownload
CV638H-D50 eMMC PinoutDownload
CV828H-A emmc pinoutDownload
CV828H-A eMMC PinoutsDownload
CV828H-A eMMC PinoutsDownload
CV828H-A eMMC PinoutDownload
CV950H-U42 pinoutDownload
CV950H-U42 pinoutDownload
CV962H-A emmc pinoutDownload
CV962H-A emmc pinoutDownload
CV962H-A eMMC PinoutsDownload
CV962H-A eMMC PinoutsDownload
Dexp F43D8000K main 35023015 ISP-1 eMMC PinoutDownload
Dexp F43D8000K main 35023015 ISP eMMC PinoutDownload
DEXP F43D8000K MAIN 35023015-1 eMMC PinoutDownload
DEXP F43D8000K MAIN 35023015 eMMC PinoutDownload
EAX64797003 (1.2) eMMC PinoutsDownload
EAX65363904 eMMC PinoutDownload
EAX65384003 (1.2) eMMC PinoutDownload
EAX65384003 1.2 EAX65384004 1.5 eMMC PinoutsDownload
EAX65384004 (1.5) eMMC PinoutDownload
EAX65384004 eMMC PinoutsDownload
EAX65384005 ISP eMMC PinoutDownload
EAX65588503 ISP-20200910T041419Z-001 eMMC PinoutDownload
EAX65588503 ISP eMMC PinoutDownload
EAX65610904 1. LG 32LB5820ZJ-1 eMMC PinoutDownload
EAX65610904 1. LG 32LB5820ZJ eMMC PinoutDownload
EAX65610904-EAX64797003-EAX64797004-eMMC POINTSDownload
EAX65610904-EAX64797003-EAX64797004 eMMC PinoutDownload
EAX66207202 1.2 ISP eMMC PinoutDownload
EAX66207202 1.2 ISP eMMC PinoutDownload
EAX66482504 (1.0) eMMC PinoutDownload
EAX66943504_ISP eMMC PinoutDownload
EAX67125703 1.1 LG OLED65C7P-U-1 eMMC PinoutDownload
EAX67125703 1.1 LG OLED65C7P-U eMMC PinoutDownload
EAX67129603 EMMC ConnectionDownload
EAX67129603 eMMC PinoutDownload
EAX67133404 (1.0) eMMC PinoutDownload
Eax67133404 1.0 emmc pinoutDownload
EAX67133404 1.0 eMMC PinoutsDownload
EAX67133404 1.0 PANEL RDL430WY LD0-304 LG 43UJ620V-1Download
EAX67133404 1.0 PANEL RDL430WY LD0-304 LG 43UJ620VDownload
Eax67166104 1.0 emmc pinoutDownload
EAX67166104 1.0 PNL 43 4K LG 43UJ670V (2) eMMC PinoutDownload
EAX67166104 1.0 PNL 43 4K LG 43UJ670V EMMC ConnectionDownload
EAX67166104 1.0 PNL 43 4K LG 43UJ670V eMMC PinoutDownload
EAX67166104 1.0 PNL 43 4K LG 43UJ670V eMMC PinoutDownload
EAX67166104 1.0 PNL 43 4K LG 43UJ670V eMMC PinoutDownload
emmc bn41-02156a eMMC PinoutDownload
emmc CV338H-A50 eMMC PinoutDownload
eMMC dump for SONY KDL43W09C eMMC PinoutDownload
eMMc LDD.M538.A138 eMMC PinoutDownload
Emmc msd6a628-t8e3 eMMC PinoutDownload
EMMC PINOUT BN41-02482A eMMC PinoutDownload
Emmc Pinout BN41-02568A eMMC PinoutDownload
Emmc pinout EAX65610904 EAX65610905 EAX64797003Download
EMMC PINOUT EAX65610905(1.0) eMMC PinoutDownload
Emmc pinout msd6a638-t8f1 eMMC PinoutDownload
emmc pinout samsung BN41-02534B (2) eMMC PinoutDownload
emmc pinout samsung BN41-02534B eMMC PinoutDownload
Emmc tp.mt5510s.pb802 eMMC PinoutDownload
EMMC_AUTO_ISP_3521 eMMC PinoutDownload
EMMC-POINTS -LG-LB650V(EAX65384004(1.5) Chassis-LC42BDownload
ENIE KDL42XS712AN_35019017-REV 0.1 eMMC PinoutDownload
Gionee P2S eMMC PinoutDownload
Hisense 55A6100UW RSAG7.820.7918. N1-MSD6586. emmc pointsDownload
Hisense LED32K280J3D PRINCIPAL RSAG7.820.5277 RONDownload
HK-T.RT2968P61 eMMC PinoutsDownload
HK.T.NT72667V01 emmc pinoutDownload
HK.T.NT72667V01 eMMc PinoutDownload
Hk.t.rt2831p566 full backupDownload
Hk.t.rt2841p631 emmc pinoutDownload
HK.T.RT2841P631 EMMCDownload
HK.T.RT2841P631 eMMC PinoutDownload
HK.T.RT2841P631eMMC PinoutsDownload
HK.T.RT2861V09 emmc pinoutDownload
HK.T.RT2861V09 eMMC PinoutDownload
JUC.7.820.00081526 eMMC PinoutDownload
JUC.7.820.00081526 eMMC PinoutDownload
JUC.7.820.00103652 -CHASSIS -ZLS47H-IS (1)Download
JUC7.820.00078827 eMMC PinoutDownload
JUC7.820.00081526 eMMC PinoutsDownload
JUC7.820.00086623 eMMC PinoutDownload
JUC7.820.00086623 eMMC PinoutDownload
JUC7.820.00103653 eMMC PinoutsDownload
JUC7.820.00105470 eMMC PinoutsDownload
JUC7.820.00129215 eMMC PinoutDownload
JUC7.820.00138898 eMMC PinoutsDownload
JUC7.820.00180917 – eMMc PinoutDownload
JUX7.820 eMMC PinoutsDownload
JVC LT55N775 eMMC PinoutsDownload
KD-55XD7005 MAIN +ISP-1 eMMC PinoutDownload
KD-55XD7005 MAIN +ISP eMMC PinoutDownload
KONKA 2995D EMMC DATA 42R6610AU -PANEL 72000746YTDownload
KONKA KDL55XS780AN eMMC PinoutDownload
LD.M538.A eMMC PinoutsDownload
LD33B LC33B LE33B EAX64797003 (1.2) eMMC PinoutDownload
LD33B LC33B LE33B eMMC PinoutDownload
LDD.H510.A eMMC PinoutsDownload
LDD.H510.B eMMC PinoutsDownload
LDD.H510.B eMMC PinoutDownload
LED 42R6680AU eMMC PinoutDownload
LED 50X5680 eMMC PINOUTDownload
LH32DME BN41-02365A POINTS EMMCDownload
MSD6A628-T4C1 eMMC PinoutsDownload
MSD6A628-T8E3 eMMC PinoutsDownload
MSD6A638-T8F1 eMMC PinoutsDownload
MSD338STV5-0 emmc pinoutDownload
N.M338.801 emmc pinoutDownload
P45-338 V3.0 eMMc PinoutDownload
P50-338TV5.0 eMMc PinoutDownload
P75-338V6.2 eMMc PinoutDownload
P75-628VX V6.0 Emmc PinoutDownload
PANASONIC_TX-40ASR650[1]- TNPH1077 1 A-eMMC POINTSDownload
Panasonix tx-49cx750 pinoutDownload
PHILIPS 48PFS8209 -12-715RLPCB0000000055-eMMC PINOUTDownload
pinout bn41-01973aDownload
Pinout emmc bn41-01622cDownload
Pinout emmc bn41-01800aDownload
Pinout emmc CV638H-D50Download
Pinout Emmc Main – 35022415Download
Pinout emmc ST338S-CP2Download
QT5A3LP V1.1 eMMC PinoutsDownload
QT552LP V1.5 eMMC PinoutsDownload
QT552LP V2.2 eMMC PinoutsDownload
RSAG7.820 eMMC PinoutsDownload
RSAG7.820.6450 eMMC PinoutDownload
Rsag7.820.7525 eMMC PinoutDownload
Rsag7.820.7918 roh emmc pinoutDownload
RSAG7.820.8063 eMMc pinoutDownload
RT95L eMMC PinoutsDownload
Sony KD-43XE7096 eMMC PinoutsDownload
SONY KD-43XE7096 eMMcDownload
T.HV510.81 eMMC PinoutsDownload
T.MS338.733 EMMCDownload
T.MS338.733 emmc pinoutDownload
T.ms638.733 emmc pinoutDownload
T.MS6586T.751 eMMC PinoutsDownload
T.MT5510S.PB782 EMMCDownload
TB681V1.0-A eMMC PinoutsDownload
TCL L32A71C (AM6C mozgás) V8-AML7602-LF1V031 (H6)Download
TD.MS338.793 eMMC PinoutsDownload
TP M14.1E LA eMMC PinoutsDownload
TP.ATM20.PB819 eMMC PinoutsDownload
Tp.atm30.pb818 emmcDownload
TP.HV320.PB801 emmc pinoutDownload
TP.HV510.PB751 eMMC PinoutsDownload
TP.HV510.PC822 eMMC PinoutsDownload
TP.HV530.PC821 emmc pinoutDownload
TP.MS338.PB801 emmc pinoutDownload
TP.MS338.PB802 emmc pinoutDownload
TP.MS338.PB818 eMMC PinoutsDownload
Tp.ms338.pb819 emmc pinoutDownload
Tp.ms338.pc821 emmc pinoutDownload
TP.MS338.PC822 eMMC PinoutsDownload
TP.MS338E.PB803 eMMC PinoutsDownload
tp.ms358.pb802 pinoutsDownload
TP.MS608.P83 eMMC PinoutsDownload
TP.MS608.PB831 eMMC PinoutsDownload
TP.MS628.PB731 eMMC PinoutsDownload
TP.MS628.PB803 eMMC PinoutsDownload
TP.MS628.PC737 eMMC PinoutsDownload
TP.MS628.PC821 eMMC PinoutsDownload
TP.MS638.PB731 eMMC PinoutsDownload
TP.MS638.PC821 eMMC PinoutsDownload
TP.MS638.PC822 emmc pinoutDownload
Tp.ms6486t.pb732 emmc pinoutDownload
TP.MT5505.PB801 eMMC PinoutDownload
TP.MT5507.PB801 emmc pinoutDownload
TP.MT5508.PB801 eMMC PinoutsDownload
TP.MT5510S.PB802 emmc pinoutDownload
TP.R68 PD64 QT572LP 2.1 eMMC PinoutsDownload
TP.R68 PD66A QT572HP V3.1 eMMC PinoutsDownload
TP.RT2982.PC821 eMMC PinoutsDownload
TP.RT2982.PD811 eMMC PinoutsDownload
TP.RT2984D.PB731 eMMC PinoutsDownload
TP.S512C.P64 eMMC PinoutsDownload
TPD.MS338.PB791 eMMC PinoutsDownload
TPD.MS338.PB792 eMMC PinoutsDownload
TPD.MS338.PC798 eMMC PinoutsDownload
TPD.MS338.PC799 eMMC PinoutsDownload
UE32J6200AK eMMC PinoutsDownload
UE40H6410AU – BN41-02156 eMMC PinoutDownload
UE40H6410AU BN41-02156A eMMC PinoutsDownload
5823-A8R30T-0P00 EMMCDownload
5823-A8R30T-0P00 IRIS 32E390S eMMC PinoutDownload
40-MT55CD-MAC2HG eMMC PinoutDownload
40-Mxx EMMCDownload
40-NT67ES-MAC4HG THOMSON 40UA6406 eMMC PinoutDownload
40MT55CD-MAC2HC eMMc PinoutsDownload
5800-A8R20T-0P20 eMMC PinoutDownload
5800-Axx EMMC eMMC PinoutDownload
5823-A8R30T-0P00 EMMCDownload
5823-A8R30T-0P00 IRIS 32E390S eMMC PinoutDownload
35016964 EMMCDownload
35017819 EMMCDownload
35017841 EMMCDownload
35018270 EMMCDownload
35018369 EMMCDownload
35018818_LED50X5680 EMMCDownload
35019392 EMMCDownload
35019688 EMMCDownload
35019786 EMMCDownload
35019879 EMMCDownload
35022415 EMMCDownload
A.20.ALCH228-13-OX EMMCDownload
A8R30T-0P00 eMMC PinoutDownload
BN41 EMMCDownload
BN41- 01973A eMMc PinoutsDownload
BN41-01587 eMMC PinoutDownload
BN41-01958A PANEL HF320BGA-B1 SAMSUN UE32F5500AYDownload
BN41-02504A SAMSUNG UE55KS7000Download
BN41-02568B eMMC PinoutDownload
BN41-02663A eMMC PinoutDownload
BN41-02663A UA32N5300AS eMMc PinoutsDownload
EAX66387003 (1.0) eMMc PinoutsDownload
EAX67133404 1.0 eMMc PinoutsDownload
EMMC pinoutsDownload
Hisense 55A6100UW RSAG7.820.7918. N1-MSD6586Download
Hisense LED32K280J3D PRINCIPAL RSAG7.820.5277 RONDownload
HK-T.RT2982V01 eMMc PinoutsDownload
HK-T.RT2995V01 eMMC PinoutDownload
HK.T.RT2841P631 eMMc PinoutsDownload
jetac EMMCDownload
JVC LT55N775Download
LD.M538.A Q.BELL QT40K03Download
LDD.H510.A _. U15-HI3751. U23-THGBMHG6C1LBA1Download
LG 32LF592U – Points LD50H eMMCDownload
LG 40UH603V EAX6694350411 0115 EMMC POINTSDownload
LG 47LN5700 EAX6487210411 EMMC POINTSDownload
LG- eMMc PinoutsDownload
LG-LB650V EAX65384004 eMMc PinoutsDownload
LH32DME BN41-02365A POINTS EMMCDownload
MSA3480-Z001-01 eMMc PinoutsDownload
PHILIPS 40PFL7007K_12 QFU1.1E LADownload
PHILIPS 48PGT5509-12 eMMC PinoutDownload
RSAG7.820.7970. HISENSE_50A6100UWDownload
SAMSUNG BN41-01604 POINTS eMMCDownload
Samsung bn41-02534B-cpu SDP1415-eMMC THGBMBG5D1KBAITDownload
SAMSUNG MAIN bn41-01812a .bn94-05857t eMMC PinoutDownload
SAMSUNG UE32H5500AK-BN41-02156A-BN41-02156Download
SAMSUNG UE32K5550AU BN41-02534B eMMC PinoutDownload
SAMSUNG UE40H6200 eMMc PinoutsDownload
SAMSUNG UE48J6500AU BN41-02353B BN94-09096Z eMMcDownload
SAMSUNG UE65HU8590 BN41-02135 BN94-07651Download
SONY BM2A Chassis 1-983-249-21 eMMC PinoutDownload
Sony KD-43XE7096 eMMc PinoutsDownload
SONY KD43X8309C eMMc PinoutsDownload
T.MS6586T.751 eMMc PinoutsDownload
TD.MS338.793 eMMc PinoutsDownload
TNPH1119 1 PANASONIX TX-49CX750 eMMC PinoutDownload
TP M14.1E LA eMMc PinoutsDownload
Tp.ms338.pb819 emmc pinoutDownload
TP.MS338.PC821 eMMc PinoutsDownload
TP.MS608.PB831 eMMc PinoutsDownload
TP.MS628.PB731 eMMc PinoutsDownload
TP.MS628.PB803 eMMc PinoutsDownload
TP.MS628.PC737 eMMc PinoutsDownload
TP.MS638.PC822 eMMc PinoutsDownload
TP.MT5505.PB801 eMMc PinoutsDownload
TP.MT5510S.PB802 eMMC PinoutDownload
TP.RT2982.PB801 eMMc PinoutsDownload
TPD.MS338.PB791 eMMc PinoutsDownload
TPD.MS338.PB792 eMMc PinoutsDownload
TPD.MS338.PC798 eMMc PinoutsDownload
TPD.MS338.PC799 eMMc PinoutsDownload
UE32J6200AK eMMc PinoutsDownload
UE40H6410AU – BN41-02156A POINTS eMMCDownload
1-893-880-11 eMMc PinoutsDownload
32L4300 eMMc PinoutsDownload
40-AMM6C1-MAE2HG eMMc PinoutsDownload
40-M901KV-MAF2HG eMMc PinoutsDownload
40-MT55CD-MAF2HG eMMC PinoutDownload
42E660E_8R96 eMMc PinoutsDownload
42E770S 2 eMMc PinoutsDownload
42E770S (2) eMMc PinoutsDownload
42E770S eMMc PinoutsDownload
43E390S eMMc PinoutsDownload
47LB650V eMMc PinoutsDownload
715G6165-M02-000-005N (PHILIPS 42PFT6309_60)Download
715G6664-M01-000-004N eMMC PinoutDownload
715RLPCB0000000303A QV14.1E LADownload
5800-A5M910-0P10 -VER00.10Download
0090732072C eMMC PinoutDownload
1414635105-TPM16-1ELA eMMc PinoutsDownload
BBK 39LEX-5027T2C CV338H-T42Download
BN41-01587 eMMc PinoutsDownload
BN41-01587E eMMc PinoutsDownload
BN41-01587E eMMc PinoutsDownload
BN41-01622 eMMc PinoutsDownload
BN41-01622B eMMc PinoutsDownload
BN41-01622C eMMc PinoutsDownload
BN41-01800A eMMc PinoutsDownload
BN41-01807A, BN94-05920KDownload
BN41-01812A eMMc PinoutsDownload
BN41-01958_KLM4G1FE3B eMMC PinoutDownload
BN41-01958B, BN41-01958A ISPDownload
BN41-01958B eMMc PinoutsDownload
BN41-01959A eMMC PinoutDownload
PANASONIX TX-49CX750_TNPH1119-1Download
PHILIPS 48PFS8209 -12-715RLPCB0000000055Download
Philips 715G6165-M01-000-005K eMMc PinoutsDownload
PHILIPS QM16.4E LA EMMC eMMC PinoutDownload
QT552LP V1.5 EMMC POINTSDownload
RSAG7.820.5277RON EMMC POINTSDownload
RSAG7.820.6299. 6854 eMMC PinoutDownload
RSAG7.820.6392-ROH hisense h50m5500 eMMC PINOUTDownload
RSAG7.820.6392-ROH hisense h50m5500Download
RSAG7.820.7918._MSD6586T eMMc PinoutsDownload
SAM BN41-01604 eMMc PinoutsDownload
SAMSUNG 32H5500 eMMc PinoutsDownload
SAMSUNG BN41-01604 eMMC POINTSDownload
SAMSUNG BN41-01959A ISPDownload
Samsung BN41-02353C ISP eMMc PinoutsDownload
SAMSUNG BN41-02528 eMMc PinoutsDownload
Samsung BN41-02534B eMMc PinoutsDownload
SAMSUNG MAIN BN41-01812A BN94-05857T eMMC POINTSDownload
SAMSUNG UA46ES6200A. BN41-01812A eMMC POINTSDownload
SAMSUNG UA48J5200AW_BN41-02482A eMMC PinoutDownload
Samsung UE22F5410AK BN41-01957C eMMC PinoutDownload
SAMSUNG UE32D6200TS BN41-01604C eMMc PinoutsDownload
SAMSUNG UE32F6200AK CMEM KLM4G1FE3B BN41-01958bDownload
SAMSUNG UE32H4500AKXRU – U8DC-BN41-02156A-BN94-07228YDownload
SAMSUNG UE32J5500AU-BN41-02353B -BN94-09121BDownload
SAMSUNG UE32K5500BU BN41-02534B eMMC PinoutDownload
SAMSUNG UE32K5550AU BN41-02534B eMMC PinoutDownload
SAMSUNG UE32K5550AU eMMc PinoutsDownload
SAMSUNG UE40D6100SWXEN-GENOA_S_3D_EU_BN41-01604Download
SAMSUNG UE40D6510W- BN41-01587B EMMC FOR RT809HDownload
SAMSUNG UE40ES6710-BN94-05676Y BN41-01807A eMMC PinoutDownload
SAMSUNG UE40F8000, UE46F8000, UE55F8000 – U90A, -BN94Download
SAMSUNG UE40J5200AWXXH BN94-09586C EMMC_UE40J5200Download
SAMSUNG UE40J6500 BN41-02353B eMMc PinoutsDownload
SAMSUNG UE40J6500AUXRU BN41-02353B eMMC PinoutDownload
SAMSUNG UE40JU6400K_BN41-02344A_CY-GJ040HGLV1HDownload
SAMSUNG UE40KU6000U BN41-02528A ISP eMMc PinoutsDownload
SAMSUNG UE43M5500 BN41-02575B ISP eMMc PinoutsDownload
SAMSUNG UE46F9000, UE55F9000, UE65F9000 BN41-01950CDownload
SAMSUNG UE48J6500AU BN41-02353B BN94-09096Z eMMcDownload
SAMSUNG UE48J6500AU eMMc pinoutDownload
SAMSUNG UE48J6500AU-BN94-09096Z-EMMCDownload
SAMSUNG UE55D6100SW-BN41-01683B eMMC PinoutDownload
SAMSUNG-UE40H6400-BN94-073090S eMMC PinoutDownload
SAMSUNG-UE40J6240AW BN41-02353C eMMC PinoutDownload
SKYWORTH 49E200 5800-A8R30-0P00_V00.00 ISPDownload
SKYWORTH 55X5-5800-A9R200-VER00.802015-01-230P70Download
Skyworth 5800-A9R200-VER00.80 eMMC PinoutDownload
SONY 55X8508C 1-894-596-22 eMMC PinoutDownload
SONY KD-43XE7096 eMMc PinoutsDownload
SONY KD-49X8305C-1-894-595-12 eMMC PinoutDownload
SONY KDL-43W807C-SONY KDL-50W805C-EMMC H26M52103FMRDownload
T.MS638.733 eMMc PinoutsDownload
T.MS6586T.751 EMMC POINTSDownload

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