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Sameer Imran

My name Is Sameer Imran And my Father’s Name is Imran Saeed. I’m studying in college right now. Studying in class 11Th. My Age is 19 Year. I used to live in Islamabad before but now I have shifted to Lahore. I am currently living in Lahore. I do an online job. I’ve been online working for 5 years. Now I make money online.  For Example on The Website And Blog. I have 5 years of experience on this website. Now I’m Working on an electronic website. The website I created 2 years already.

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Hi, This Is My Name Sameer And My Father’s name is Imran Saeed. I’ve created a website. Whose name. This Website All About Electronics For Example Led tv Lcd And More Software/Firmware Is Available. And Dish Resicver All Software, All Lcd Cof Data, All Emmc Pinouts And More. Schematics Diagram, Tv Logo, Smart, And Universal TV Board Software, And More. This Is the Website eL4Repair.Com. From this website you can download all Type software for free.

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