S368A1.5 Panel Resolution Matching Codes

Hello, All of the panel resolution matching codes for the S368A1.5 Universal LED TV board can be found in this thread. As a result, getting all S368A1.5 resolution codes from this site is fairly simple. These are the codes for matching the resolution to the panel; first, select the resolution to match the screen panel, then use the remote control to enter the correct resolution matching code, and that’s it.

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S368A1.5 Panel Resolution Matching Codes
S368A1.5 Panel Resolution Matching Codes

All of the S368A1.5 Panel Resolution Matching Codes are given in the table below. Please utilize them to their best potential. Please take a look at our website for more LED TV Boards Panel Resolution matching codes, and also explore them through the provided link.

S368A1.5 Panel Resolution Codes

1280×1024Source – Input 20226
1366×768Source – Input 20222
1440×900Source – Input 20225
1600×900Source – Input 20224
1680×1050Source – Input 20223
1920×1080Source – Input 20221
1920×1200Source – Input 20227

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