TP.ATM30.PB801 Software Download 2023 (All Resolutions)

Are you finding this software with these all resolutions are available over here?. TP.ATM30.PB801 Software/Firmware For Free Download has a very beautiful function of this motherboard with Universal smart version android brand new latest design high powerful signal remote and wifi more jack another internetwork system mainboard TP.ATM30.PB801.

All resolutions absolutely download from here. it is not a combo smartboard, this is a smart Original china android triple play USB HDMI ports, VGA cable, rJ45, Full HD video option backlight normal power not the heating system. TP.ATM30.PB801 all resolutions are available.

TP.ATM30.PB801 Software Download 2022 (All Resolutions)
TP.ATM30.PB801 Software Download 2022 (All Resolutions)

How are you all our friends, this post is all about smartboard new firmware TP.ATM30.PB801, we providing these all files in today’s article. Do you want to get the software from here in any condition?. I am also ready to give you all the resolutions of this firmware for free. TP.ATM30.PB801, Because people this software is available on many websites but there are some friends who can’t get this firmware when they need it.

You will always find this software on this site for free. You can download it whenever you want by coming to this post. TP.ATM30.PB801 Firmware For you. Friends who repair any TV television, This website is specially designed for them. All of you are requested to come here first and download this firmware whenever you want any model of software.

TP.ATM30.PB801 Specifications

Brand/Board:Android WIFI Network Driver (SmartBoard)
Resolution Supported:1920×1080 (From top to bottom)
O/S:Android 4.4
Graphic Computer:Mali-450
Rom Capacity:4GB
Ram Minimum Space:512MB
Firmware Type USB Update:Yes

How to Download Software TP.ATM30.PB801

Would you like to know more about downloading this software in this post?. Many people search for this firmware on Google but no one knows how to download it from. TP.ATM30.PB801, Whenever we write an LCD LED board software post here, then in this post, we support all the things related to this firmware with you.

I have done the same with this firmware So that you can have good and complete information about all the firmware on this website. Now let’s move on to today’s topic, I told you that I would offer you all the resolutions of this software here for free.

I have launched a new download table for you, And a function that must be explained to you. Let me tell you, First of all, do the resolution you want from the bottom up quickly, please choose the correct file for you. TP.ATM30.PB801,

Whenever you need to download a resolution from the table below, think about one thing before downloading it. TP.ATM30.PB801 You can open it in a new tab by clicking on the download button. Then you can get any file just by pressing the download button once.

Below Are All the Resolutions for the free download:

File NameDownload Link
TP.ATM30.PB801-1366×768-512M-4G-LG PlusDownload

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