T.VST29.A3B Software Free Download 2023

Hi, I hope all the visitors will be fine. If you are a technician then this platform is specially made for you. If you are repairing Tv Led to the T.VST29.A3B software, you can also find repair tips here. And I will provide you with all the resolutions of this T.VST29.A3B firmware and also tell you the correct way to update them.

The entire collection of this T.VST29.A3B Non-Smart software is available to me, to give you for free. Most of the file in this T.VST29.A3B firmware is very popular. I know you will feel good if you get all the resolutions with one click. So go down and get it.

T.VST29.A3B Software Free Download 2022
T.VST29.A3B Software Free Download 2022

T.VST29.A3B Specifications LED NON-SMART BOARD

model NumberT.VST29.A3B Dual-Audio
Main ChipsetTSUMV39, TSUMV59, TSUMV29
Supported ResolutionUp to 1920×1200 HD
TV LED BrandUniversal China LED Board
T.VST29.A3B Service CodeMenu +1147

T.VST29.A3B Firmware Free Download

File NameDownload Link
T.VST29.A3B CH 215Download
T.VST29.A3B CH 236 NON HDDownload
T.VST29.A3B HYUNDAI H-LED24V25Download
T.VST29.A3B LCD 15 NON HDDownload
T.VST29.A3B CH22 FHD SOUNDIC1517CPDownload
T.VST29.A3B Lloyd 24ND FirmwareDownload
T.VST29.A3B Haier LE19ZA1-TSUMV39LUDownload
T.VST29.A3B MST-ISP V216B1-L03 V59-A8 2AV SOFTDownload

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