T.VST26.5A Dump/Firmware Free Download

I am MD Sameer Imran, Do you really need to download this T.VST26.5A firmware for free from this site?. If yes so, That’s why in today’s post we are going to give you all the details about this software as well as the LED/LCD/TV board T.VST26.5A firmware of this model for free with the help of the table below.

If you are ready to download all the resolutions of this software from here then fine and if you are not ready then it can be done quickly. T.VST26.5A Software/Firmware For Free Download is a Universal three in one Chinese Brand ATV Driver Combo Smart Features options technical support led Lcd main motherboard T.VST26.5A which a screen suitable display panel resolution 1920×1080 Up-to Down.

T.VST26.5A Dump/Firmware Free Download
T.VST26.5A Dump/Firmware Free Download

T.VST26.5A Specifications

MotherboardT.VST26.5A 10153
Firmware NameBackup (RAR) Dump
LEd/TV LCDSilvaSchneider
Service CodeMenu + 1147
Support LanguagesMultiple
Panel Power12V

T.VST26.5A Dump/Firmware Free Download

File NameDownload Link
T.VST26.5A 10153-LED 2470 DVB-T-25Q80 SilvaSchneiderDownload

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