T.R67.03.V3 Panel Resolution Matching Codes

Hello, in this post you can find the LCD LED panel resolution codes for the T.R67.03.V3 Non-Smart LED TV board. It is fairly simple to obtain all of the T.R67.03.V3 resolution codes from this site. These are the codes for adjusting the motherboard’s resolution according to the panel. First, connect the display panel to the resolution, then use the remote control to input the right code to alter the resolution.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll find a list of all T.R67.03.V3 panel resolution codes. Please take advantage of it and make the most of it. On this page, we shared several alternative TV motherboard resolution codes for connecting them to the TV panels, so CLICK HERE and also check out the link provided.

T.R67.03.V3 Panel Resolution Matching Codes
T.R67.03.V3 Panel Resolution Matching Codes

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T.R67.03.V3 Panel Resolution Codes

1600×900Source – Input 03665
1280×1024Source – Input 03663
1366×768Source – Input 03662
1920×1080Source – Input 03661
1440×900Source – Input 03664
1680×1050Source – Input 03666
1024×768Source – Input 03667

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