S368LA1.5 Panel Resolution Matching Codes

Hello, S368LA1.5 Universal LED TV Board Panel Resolution Matching Codes can be found on this page. All S368LA1.5 resolution codes can be found on our website. These are the codes to match the panel’s resolution. Select the resolution that corresponds to the screen panel, then use the remote control to enter the correct resolution matching code, and that’s all there is to it.

In the table below, you’ll find the codes that correspond to the panel resolution for S368LA1.5. Make the most of your available resources. On our website or by clicking here, you can find more LED TV boards panel resolution matching codes.

S368LA1.5 Panel Resolution Matching Codes
S368LA1.5 Panel Resolution Matching Codes

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S368LA1.5 Panel Resolution Codes

ResolutionNo Code
1366×768Input ,03772
1920×1080Input ,03771

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