RD.8501.031A Software Firmware Download (All Resolutions)

Friends, if you like our today’s post, you can leave a beautiful comment. If you were looking for all the files of this RD.8501.031A software here then now you will find to download. A lot of people needed a Non-Smart High Wifi System LCD/TV/LED mainboard RD.8501.031A firmware and most technicians were commenting on us to bring this software here. So now we have obeyed you and come with all the resolutions. Now we also request you to please send this RD.8501.031A post to your friends. We will keep coming back with more good posts after that.

RD.8501.031A Software Firmware Download (All Resolutions)
RD.8501.031A Software Firmware Download (All Resolutions)

RD.8501.031A Specifications Motherboard

Which MainboardUniversal Smart China
Main ChipsetRDA8501-XBN
Product TypeLED Tv Smart technical
Service ModeMenu +1147 Code
Format Display SupportResolution Up to 1920×1080

RD.8501.031A Firmware Download (All Resolutions)

File NameDownload Link
RD.8501.031A-1440×1050 FirmwareDownload
RD.8501.031A-1440×900 FirmwareDownload
RD.8501.031A-1280×1024 FirmwareDownload
RD.8501.031A-1024×768 FirmwareDownload
RD.8501.031A-1366×768 FirmwareDownload
RD.8501.031A-1920×1200 FirmwareDownload
RD.8501.031A-1600×900 FirmwareDownload
RD.8501.031A-1920×1080 FirmwareDownload
RD.8501.031A-1680×1050 FirmwareDownload

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