P150-2851V6.2 Firmware Free Download 2023

Do you need this P150-2851V6.2 firmware immediately, if I’m right you are right now on a very good website Repair-Geeks?. P150-2851V6.2 4K Smart Ultra HD LED/TV Technical Latest version with all specific resolutions Full HD motherboard Backup Dump RAR.

Zip, Bin, And more format We keep bringing you more P150-2851V6.2 Non-Combo with Full HD Display Supported 3840×2160 Mainboard firmware like this for free, P150-2851V6.2 All technical features Specifications. but the software we promised you today is really used a lot.

P150-2851V6.2 Firmware Free Download 2022
P150-2851V6.2 Firmware Free Download 2022

P150-2851V6.2 Specifications Smart 4K Board

Smart TV ModelP150-2851V6.2
Screen ResolutionSupported Panel 3840×2160
Main ChipsetRTD2851
MainBrandSmart (Ultra HD) 4K LED TV
P150-2851V6.2 Software NameRTK2851P.IMG

P150-2851V6.2 Firmware Software Download

File NameDownload Link

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