MSA6380-ZC01-01 Firmware Software Free Download 2023

Do you want to download this MSA6380-ZC01-01 Firmware Software from Repair Geeks, is that what you mean by coming here?. Of all the useful files of this MSA6380-ZC01-01 Flash backup dump BIOS BIN MSA6380-ZC01-01 Smart LED/LCD motherboard firmware you really need, I have also checked very well.

This MSA6380-ZC01-01 board is very old, but now that it has been updated, many of its functionalities have changed since the update. Now we get to see a lot of such technical options in this board MSA6380-ZC01-01, For example, USB Port, HDMI Ports, AV, VGA, Ox Cable, Jackpot WIFI High-Speed Setup.

MSA6380-ZC01-01 Firmware Software Free Download 2022
MSA6380-ZC01-01 Firmware Software Free Download 2022

MSA6380-ZC01-01 Specifications

TV Model NOMSA6380-ZC01-01
Screen ResolutionSupported Panel 3840×2160
OS4.4.4 Android
Main ChipsetMSD638
ROM4GB eMMC, Flash
MSA6380-ZC01-01 Firmware NameMstarUpgrade.bin

MSA6380-ZC01-01 Firmware Software Download

File NameDownload Link
MS65860-ZC01-01-TELEFUNKEN TF-LED55S37T2SU-4KDownload

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