LA.MV9.P V29 Firmware Software Download (All Resolutions)

Hi friends, Repair-Geeks welcome to back another latest post. this post is about a smart full HD screen resolution motherboard LA.MV9.P V29 Firmware. if you want to download this software with these all resolutions for free download. If you search for such firmware on Google, you may not find it so easy to download.

LA.MV9.P V29, more technology, and technicians features function new latest design mainboard after this, very better small project board Wifi connecting high server powerful system. LA.MV9.P V29 all resolutions are available over here. you can get any resolutions of the firmware. the below download button for downloadable files.

LA.MV9.P V29 Firmware Software Download (All Resolutions)
LA.MV9.P V29 Firmware Software Download (All Resolutions)

LA.MV9.P V29 Specifications

MainboardLA.MV9.P V29
Supported Resolution Up to1920×1080
Brand/ETCChina Universal
Service CodeMenu + 1147
Panel Power/Voltage12V
File SizeRARs
Firmware NameUSB
Multiple PortsYes

LA.MV9.P V29 Firmware Software Download

File NameDownload Link
LA.MV9.P-V29-1024×768-Firmware USBDownload
LA.MV9.P-V29-1280×1024-Firmware USBDownload
LA.MV9.P-V29-1280×720-Firmware USBDownload
LA.MV9.P-V29-1280×768-Firmware USBDownload
LA.MV9.P-V29-1366×768-Firmware USBDownload
LA.MV9.P-V29-1400×1050-Firmware USBDownload
LA.MV9.P-V29-1440×900-Firmware USBDownload
LA.MV9.P-V29-1600×1200-Firmware USBDownload
LA.MV9.P-V29-1600×900-Firmware USBDownload
LA.MV9.P-V29-1680×1050-Firmware USBDownload
LA.MV9.P-V29-1920×1080-Firmware USBDownload
LA.MV9.P-V29-1920×1200-Firmware USBDownload
LA.MV9.P-V29-640×480-Firmware USBDownload
LA.MV9.P-V29-800×600-Firmware USBDownload

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