CV638H-A42 Firmware Download Free 2023

First of all, thank you for visiting this post. Very few people know that today’s post is going to be on a very special topic. Today I will share with you all the CV638H-A42 software of my favorite Universal China Internetworking Android Drive Led Tv/Lcd motherboard. There are a number of reasons why this makes the board my favorite. The best part is that we can update this CV638H-A42 board in a very short time. All we need is a USB. And a lot of people were searching for this CV638H-A42 software to download for free, that’s why I had to bring this firmware today.

CV638H-A42 Firmware Download Free 2022
CV638H-A42 Firmware Download Free 2022

CV638H-A42 Specifications LCD SMART

LCD TVSMART Ultra HD Android Board
Screen Resolution3840×2160
Main ChipsetMST6M60
Operating SAndroid 4.4.4
Flash IC4MB
CV638H-A42 FirmwareCtvUpgrade.bin

CV638H-A42 Firmware Software Download

Firmware NameDownload Link

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