35022334 Firmware Software Download (All Resolutions)

How are you all friends I hope everyone will be fine to come here and try to get this 35022334 4K Main panel Ultra UHD Universal Smart Card Firmware for free here?. Of course, you can only download this software for this 35022334 Software board once from our website. Not at all, Rather, whenever you need any file. Either you download and save all the resolutions at the same time or keep downloading all the new versions with the 35022334 resolution as per your requirement.

35022334 Firmware Software Download (All Resolutions)
35022334 Firmware Software Download (All Resolutions)

35022334 Specifications Mainboard

Board Model No35022334
Resolution 4K Supported3840×2160 (UHD)
Main Panel SuitableHV320WHBN00
Product LED TVKonka ULD55
Screen FormatUltra HD 4K Panel
ROM4GB Normal
RAM1GB Normal
Make/BrandSmart Ultra HD Driver Tv Mainboard
35022334 FirmwareMonetUpgrade.bin File

35022334 Firmware Download (All Resolutions)

File NameDownload Link
35022334-Daewoo L49S790VNE-FirmwareDownload

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