CHANGHONG Ruba LED TV Software Collection Free Download

In Pakistan, the Changhong Ruba LED TV is commonly utilised. Each Changhong Ruba LED TV has a unique program or software/firmware built on its main Logic board that controls the TV’s functions. The Flash IC memory chip stores an LED TV show. In some cases, led televisions cease working for technical reasons and do not display properly, or the standby light remains red/blue.

If the LED TV would not turn on, it will need to be reprogrammed using its specific firmware/software. It is critical for us to have a backup dump of that LED TV in order to restore it to working order. As a result, here are some Changhong Ruba LED TV firmware backup dump files for free download to assist technicians. Free Changhong Ruba LED TV bin files for your individual LED TV model are available to download.

CHANGHONG Ruba LED TV Software Collection Free Download
CHANGHONG Ruba LED TV Software Collection Free Download

CHANGHONG LED TV Specifications

The Changhong Ruba LED TV boards do not have the possibility of mirroring/flipping or inverting the visual feature. If the image is inverted or flipped, you must use the software for the inverted or flipped image. Some of the software in the list is bifurcated, while others are not. If you encounter such issues during the software installation, you can verify it yourself.

Changhong Ruba is a 32-inch android smart HD LED TV with built-in wifi. It boasts a 1366×768 screen and has smart functions such as games, a web browser, and Facebook. Body sense support, Urdu OS, electrical protection, and multi-screen interaction are among the other features of the Changhong Ruba TV.

CHANGHONG Ruba LED Tv Software Free Download

This TV also has a total speaker output of 20 Watts. LED technology, HD technology, and a dual-core processor distinguish the Changhong Ruba. It runs on the Android 4.4 operating system. The Changhong Ruba LED TV comes with a variety of connectivity choices, including 2 x HDMI, 2 USB, VGA connector, AV, Headphone-out, and more. For the benefit of technicians, the Changhong Ruba firmware file is provided below.

File NameDownload Link
Changhong 29A6500 ZHC_DumpDownload
Changhong 29A6500_DumpDownload
Changhong 32D1900H_TP.S506.PB801_DumpDownload
Changhong 42E1091-T2_DumpDownload
Changhong 51C2000_3D_JUC7.820.00070160_DumpDownload
Changhong EC32H4DN_TP.SIS231.P83_DumpDownload
Changhong EC47F4N_JUG7.820.1283_DumpDownload
Changhong EF32F868DS_JUG7.820.1136_DumpDownload
Changhong L32F716EC_JUG7.820.1047_DumpDownload
Changhong LE322A9_DumpDownload
Changhong LED19D1000H_TP.SIS231.P63_DumpDownload
Changhong LED20E2000ST2_DumpDownload
Changhong LED24D2080H_SSDV3241-ZC01-01_DumpDownload
Changhong LED29A6500_DumpDownload
Changhong LED29A6500D_JUC7.820.00074845_DumpDownload
Changhong LED32B2620_DumpDownload
Changhong LED32B3060S_715G6172-M01-000-004X_DumpDownload
Changhong LED32C1600_FirmwareDownload
Changhong LED32C1600H_SSDV3241-ZC01-01Download
Changhong LED32C2000_JUC7.820.00086129Download
Changhong LED32C2000_JUG7.820.1359_DumpDownload
Changhong LED32C2200DS_JUG7.820.00085966_DumpDownload
Changhong LED32D2200DS_UpdateDownload
Changhong LED32E20_JUC7.820.00064337_DumpDownload
Changhong LED37B1000C_JUC7.820.00064337_DumpDownload
Changhong LED39D2200HB_TP.S506.PB801_DumpDownload
Changhong LED40B2700_CV59H-A42_DumpDownload
Changhong LED42C2000_DumpDownload
Changhong LED50B2500_JUG7.820.1376_DumpDownload
Changhong LED50B2620_CV59H-F_DumpDownload
Changhong LED50B2700_TP.VST59.P75_DumpDownload
Changhong LED24366_T.EME.380.61_DumpDownload
Changhong LED32538_HK-T.RT2634P91_FirmwareDownload
Changhong LED32560_715G5635-M01-000-004X_DumpDownload
Changhong LED32690_JUG7.820.1217_DumpDownload
Changhong LED32760X_JUC7.820.00042452_DumpDownload
Changhong LED32860IX_JUC7.820.00045283_DumpDownload
Changhong LEDTVVJN24HH-ZMA_Firmware_DumpDownload
Changhong LEDTVVJP29HH-ZMA_Firmware_DumpDownload
Changhong LM32_JUC7.820.00037562_DumpDownload
Changhong LPC39SA_JUC7.820.00064337_DumpDownload
Changhong LPC42A_JUC7.820.00086129_DumpDownload
Changhong LS39SA_JUC7.820.00064337_DumpDownload
Changhong LT22629_JUC7.820.00018451_DumpDownload
Changhong LT32680_DumpDownload
Changhong LT32710X_JUC7.820.00037562_DumpDownload

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