All AOC LED TV Software Collection Free Download

AOC LED televisions are widely utilised around the world. Each AOC LED TV has a unique program or firmware/software stored in its motherboard that controls the television’s functions. Sometimes, due to technical issues, led televisions stop working and do not display properly, or the standby light remains red/blue.

If the LED TV would not turn on, it will need to be reprogrammed using its specific firmware/software. It is critical for us to have a backup dump of that LED TV in order to restore it to working order. So, to assist technicians, below are some backup dump files of AOC LED TV firmware that may be downloaded for free. AOC bin files for your LED TV can be downloaded for free.

All AOC LED TV Software Collection Free Download
All AOC LED TV Software Collection Free Download

AOC LED TV Specifications

All of the AOC LCD/LED TV firmware listed below can be saved with the programming tool and loaded into the TV with the programmer. Each LED TV model has a unique software file that you can download for that particular model.

All newcomers are encouraged to save a backup of the old software before installing new software or to remove the original flash IC and load the software into a new flash IC before mounting it. To avoid any problems, you can replace the old flash ic with a new one.

All AOC LED Tv Software Free Download

The mirroring/flipping/inverting capability of the panel is not available on AOC LED TV boards. If the image is inverted or flipped, you must use the software for the inverted or flipped image. Some of the software in the list is bifurcated, while others are not. If you encounter such issues during the software installation, you can verify it yourself.

File NameDownload Link
AOC L26DK99U_DumpDownload
AOC L26W931_715G3365-M03-000-004K_DumpDownload
AOC L32H931_715G3364-M01-000-004K_DumpDownload
AOC L40F1351_DumpDownload
AOC L42H931_715G3364-M01-000-004K_DumpDownload
AOC LC32W033_DumpDownload
AOC LC42H133_715G3934-M04-000-004F_DumpDownload
AOC LE19A1331_DumpDownload
AOC LE22A1331_DumpDownload
AOC LE22A3520_DumpDownload
AOC LE22H037_715G3806-M01-000-004L_DumpDownload
AOC LE24A1110_DumpDownload
AOC LE24A1332_DumpDownload
AOC LE24D1331_715G5749-M03-001-004K_DumpDownload
AOC LE24H234_MST6M182VG-T7S_DumpDownload
AOC LE24H1351_MSD3393-MSD6306-T4C1_DumpDownload
AOC LE24W454L_MSD3393-T7C_DumpDownload
AOC LE30A3330_DumpDownload
AOC LE32A1326_715G4629_M01_000_DumpDownload
AOC LE32A1330_715G5635-M03-000-004X_DumpDownload
AOC LE32A3330_DumpDownload
AOC LE32A3520_DumpDownload
AOC LE32A6340_DumpDownload
AOC LE32H1352_MSD3393-MSD6306-T4C1_DumpDownload
AOC LE32M600_MSTV2409-ZC01-01_DumpDownload
AOC LE32W164_DumpDownload
AOC LE32W234D_MST6M182-T9B_DumpDownload
AOC LE32W254D_T.ISDB1309.B91D_DumpDownload
AOC LE32W454F_MSD3393-T8C1_DumpDownload
AOC LE32W1342_MST6M181-T8B_DumpDownload
AOC LE39A1330Download
AOC LE39D1332_715G5749-M01-000-004KDownload
AOC LE39D7430Download
AOC LE40A1330Download
AOC LE40A6340Download
AOC LE40D3142_715G6689-M0B-001-004NDownload
AOC LE42H234D_MST6M182VG-T9BDownload
AOC LE42H254D2_T.ISDB1309.B91DDownload
AOC LE43F1361_MSD3393-T8C1Download
AOC LE43F1761_T.MS3393.81Download
AOC LE50H254D_T.ISDB1309.B91D_DumpDownload
AOC LE50H454E_DumpDownload
AOC T2965MS_DumpDownload

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