Vizio Universal Remote Codes (5,4,3 Digit)

Are you Finding? Welcome to our latest post on the updated list of Vizio Universal Remote codes. We’ve got you covered if you’re having trouble finding the code for your specific Vizio Remote & device or simply want a comprehensive list.

Hi guys, In this post, we will provide a comprehensive list of codes for different Vizio devices including TVs, soundbars, and more. With this list, you can easily program your Vizio Universal Remote and enjoy seamless control over all your Vizio devices. So, let’s dive in and explore the latest updated list of Vizio Universal Remote codes.

A Vizio Universal Remote is a convenient device that allows you to control multiple devices with a single remote. Vizio is a popular brand of universal remote that offers a wide range of remote codes for various types of devices.

In this blog article, we will be discussing the different Vizio universal remote codes, including 5 digit, 4 digit, and 3 digit codes. These codes can be used to control devices such as TVs, cable boxes, DVD players, and more. This guide will provide you with the information you need to get your devices up and running, whether you’re trying to set up a new universal remote or troubleshoot an existing one.

Vizio Universal Remote Codes (5,4,3 Digit)
Vizio Universal Remote Codes (5,4,3 Digit)

Vizio Universal Remote Codes 5 Digit

  • 10178
  • 01377
  • 10864
  • 10120
  • 10885
  • 11756
  • 10117

Vizio Universal Remote Codes 4 Digit

  • 1078
  • 0205
  • 0178
  • 1756
  • 1758
  • 1292
  • 0117
  • 1004
  • 1017
  • 0030
  • 0128
  • 0056

Vizio Remote Codes 3 Digit

  • 113
  • 011
  • 627
  • 004
  • 505
  • 502

Vizio Universal Remote Codes (Audio)

  • 0600
  • 0883

Vizio Remote Codes (Wall Mount)

  • 0320

Vizio Universal Remote Codes (DVD)

  • 1502
  • 1501
  • 1419
  • 1500,
  • 0382

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How To Program Vizio Universal Remote To TV?


How Do I Program My Universal Remote To My VIZIO TV?

Hold the TV (or device) button down for 5 seconds, or until the LED flashes twice. The LED will remain illuminated. Find your TV’s (or device’s) programming code in the code list and enter it using the number buttons. After each digit is entered, the LED flashes once.

How Do I Find The 4 Digit Code For My TV?

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