TL866II Plus Programmer Software Download

The TL866II Plus Programmer is a more advanced variant of the TL866CS and TL866A Programmers, with significantly faster and larger capacity. So, in this post, I’ll provide you with a URL to download the TL866II Plus Programmer Update Software. It’s a well-designed and cost-effective programmer with incredible features like ultra-small code and a uniform user interface, among others.

You’ve come to the right site if you’re looking for the latest version of the TL866II Plus Universal Programmer Software. In this article, I’ve covered all you need to know about the TL866II Plus Universal Programmer Update Software, including how to download it step by step. So, to get your software, keep reading this text carefully.

TL866II Plus Programmer Software Download
TL866II Plus Programmer Software Download

Every Maker, Electronics Student, and Pixel LED Business Man, including myself, considers this software to be a very usable Programmer. Before downloading software from this thread, you must first purchase this programmer. After you’ve made your purchase, I’ll send you a link to download this software for your PC or computer. You’ll need to return to this site later to obtain the exe file for the program write chip.

TL866II Plus Programmer Specifications

  • Model: TL866II Plus
  • MainChip Support: 15 thousand Plus range of chip support for serial and parallel series
  • Universal Pin: 40pin ZIF Socket, support fast mode SPI, Fully automatic
  • Language Supported: English, Chinese
  • Programming Power Supply: Programmable VCC-1.8V to 6.5V
  • Power Consumption System: Ultra low power chip.
  • power consumption of less than 65 mA
  • Dimensions: 10cm, 6cm, 2.5cm
  • Voltage PP: 1.8V to 18V, 4 Level Current Protection
  • USB Interface: Build in MCU.
  • High USB Capacity with 12 Mbps communication speed
  • Portable Performance: suits portable applications like BIOS Refreshing.
  • satellite devices – Xbox – airbag reset.
  • PIC, MCD development – latest laptop technology.

How to Download TL866II Plus Programmer Software

This application supports a large number of chip types (about 15000+). It offers the strongest four-level current protection and uses very little electricity. It’s important to know that the Decrypt software can’t be run on another chip of the same type.

For a free download of the TL866II Plus Universal Programmer Update Software, go to the download link at the bottom of this page. For the Windows operating system, click here to get the TL866II Plus Universal Programmer application.

Please do not hesitate to inquire. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us using the contact form or social media connections. If you get an Oops! the message, please let us know. Message: Don’t worry, all you have to do now is click on Download. Download the TL866II Plus Programmer Update Software by clicking here.

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