TCL V8-S65AT01-LF1Vxxx Firmware Download Free

To retrieve the folder, download each component of the firmware or program specified below and then unpack it. Below you may download the TCL V8-S65AT01-LF1Vxxx Firmware for free. Copy the files to the USB right now.

The firmware and TCL V8-S65AT01-LF1Vxxx software on the following list are upgradeable via USB. The Repair Geeks Team disclaims all liability for any loss or harm resulting from the loading or installation of firmware. Start here if you’re new and aren’t familiar with loading or installing software, firmware, or dump files.

TCL V8-S65AT01-LF1Vxxx Firmware Download Free
TCL V8-S65AT01-LF1Vxxx Firmware Download Free

TCL V8-S65AT01-LF1Vxxx Specifications

  • Board LED LCD: Smart
  • Display: 2160 (Ultra HD)
  • Resolution: 3840×2160
  • CPU: Dual Core
  • ROM: NAND-Flash
  • Operation System: Smart
  • AC Input: 220V
  • Firmware Type: USB Boot
  • Product User: TCL
  • Board: MT58CU, 40-MT58CU-MAB4HG
  • Software Version: V8-S65AT01-LF1V
  • Firmware Name: Update_V8-T658T01-LF1V495_sign.pkg

These firmware files are suitable for the following Thomson and TCL LED TVs.

  • 43uc6416w
  • U55C7006
  • U55C7026
  • U60P6046
  • U65C7006
  • L65X2US
  • 43us6016
  • 43uv6416w
  • 55uc6006s
  • 55uc6416w
  • 55us6106
  • 55uv6416w
  • 65uc6426
  • 65uc6596
  • U49C7006
  • U49C7026

The firmware for the TCL Smart V8-S65AT01 40-MT58CU-MAB4HG is upgradeable via USB. In the event that harm or loss occurs as a result of loading or installing the TCL V8-S65AT01-LF1Vxxx firmware, the Repair Geeks Team disclaims any liability.

Before loading it, you need first to verify the mainboard number, hardware ID, and software version. Download your desired resolution, extract it, and you’ll obtain the folder. If you’re new and don’t know how to load or install TCL V8-S65AT01-LF1Vxxx software, firmware, or dump files, read this first. Next, copy the bin file to a USB drive.

TCL V8-S65AT01-LF1Vxxx Firmware Download

File NameDownload Link
V8-T658T01-LF1V549_USB BootDownload

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