Orient LE-32G6533 Software Download Free

In order to return the LED TV to its original state, we absolutely must have the backup dump. In order to aid the technicians, below are some backup dump files for Orient LED TV firmware that may be downloaded for free. For your LED TV, download free Orient bin files. Read this article first if you are having problems installing software.

Orient LE-32G6533 Software Download Free
Orient LE-32G6533 Software Download Free

Orient LE-32G6533 Specifications

  • Model: LE-32G6533
  • Brand LCD Tv: Orient
  • Flash IC: 4Mb
  • Product: LED TV 32 Inches
  • Resolution: 1366×768 (HD)
  • Main Board: MSOV591-ZC01-01

The mirroring/flipping or invert function setting of the panel is not available on Orient LED TV boards. Therefore, if the image is upside-down or flipped, you should load the software for that image. The list of software includes both bifurcated and unbifurcated programs. If you experience these kinds of issues while installing the software, you can verify it yourself.

Orient LE-32G6533 Software Download

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