EcoStar CX-19L520 Software Download Free

EcoStar LED TVs are widely used in Pakistan. The primary logic board of every Ecostar LED TV is loaded with a unique piece of software or firmware that manages the TV’s functions. An LED TV program is stored on the Flash IC memory chip. A LED television may not display correctly or have a red or blue standby light when it stops working for any technical reason. The LED TV’s specific firmware/software must be reprogrammed if it won’t turn on regularly.

EcoStar CX-19L520 Software Download Free
EcoStar CX-19L520 Software Download Free

EcoStar CX-19L520 Specifications

  • Model: CX-19L520
  • Brand LCD/TV: EcoStar
  • Product: LED TV
  • Flash IC: 4Mb
  • Resolution Supported: 1280×1024
  • Motherboard: MST6M48, MST6M182 T6S

The software and firmware listed below are upgradeable via USB. As a result of uploading or downloading the firmware, Repair Geeks Team is not liable for any loss or damage of any kind.

If you’re new and don’t know enough about installing or loading software, firmware, or dump files, start here. Download the necessary resolution firmware or software, then unpack it to reveal a folder. The EcoStar CX-19L520 is a 19-inch LED TV that has every input port currently required by users.

EcoStar CX-19L520 Software Download

File NameDownload Link
Ecostar CX19L520 MST6M48 MST6M182 T6S 19Download

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